Workshop summaries are now available
Updated (4.10.2000 )

The following workshops have been held in Healthy Buildings 2000 Conference.

Workshop programme is available here (in Adobe Acrobat format)

For the summary of each Workshop please click name of the WS below.

WS 1: Research Needs and Approaches Pertaining to the Indoor Climate and Productivity

WS 2: Design Criteria for Healthy Buildings (latest change 03.08.2000)

WS 3: Quality Control for Healthy Buildings in Construction Process

WS 4: Healthy Building Concepts to Reduce Allergies and Asthma

WS 5: Technology and its limitations to reduce Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke, ETS

WS 6: Ventilation Standards – Research Needs and Natural Ventilation

WS 7: Cleaning for Better Indoor Environment Quality

WS 8: Material Emission Labelling Schemes

WS 9: Evaluation of Association Between Indoor Air Climate, Well-being And Productivity

WS 10: The Effect of Wood Based Materials On Indoor Air Quality And Climate

WS 11: Dissemination of Indoor Air Sciences

WS 12: Integration of National and International Policies for Indoor Air Quality

WS 13: Low Temperature Heating – High Temperature Cooling of Buildings

WS 14: The Rights to Healthy Indoor Air (latest change 28.07.2000)

WS 15: Air Conditioning Systems: Meeting Future Requirements

WS 16: Performance Criteria for Healthy Buildings

WS 17: Interpretation of Fungal Sampling Data in Building Studies

WS 24: Alvar Aalto as a Healthy Building Architect

WS 26: Education for Healthier Buildings

WS 26a: HVAC Education for Healthier Buildings

WS 27: National Research Programs: Are we Using Money the Right Way?

WS 28: Operation and maintenance for good IAQ

WS 29: Assessment of Material Emissions on IAQ

WS 30: Intelligent Buildings to Control of Indoor Climate

WS 31: Building Bridges between techniques and consumers

Workshops organized by ISIAQ Task Forces

WS 18: TF Criteria for Cleaning of Air Handling Systems

WS 19: TF Control of Moisture and Mold Problems in Cold Climate

WS 20: TF Creation of Healthy Indoor Environment in Schools

WS 21: TF Indoor Air Quality and Climate in Cultural and Heritage Institutions

WS 22: TF IAQ in Hospitals

WS 23: TF Portable Air Cleaners

WS 25: TF Health-relevant VOC Measurements